World Tamil Academy

Internet classes will be conducted for the students who live in aboard and the students who are interested in learning Tamil. A library has been included in the site this way of teaching involves one on one classes with teacher and student.

Points of Appreciations:

  • Points of Appreciations are given to students who participate in the classes to motivate them.
  • Each student will be awarded 10 points for participating in the class.
  • Ten points will awarded for the completion of home work.
  • Five points will be awarded for the involvement of the student in the class.
  • A total of 25 points will be awarded for each student/class.
world tamil academy

Hundred Points

Two Hundred Points

Five Hundred Points

After the successful completion of each course students will awarded a max of fifty points.

Best wishes for the students to score a lot of points in the classes and win exiting prizes...