Learning Stages

மழலைக் கல்வி

Mazhalai Kalvi

The kids who are older than 5 can join in this class. It consists of basic Tamil words for Objects, Colours, etc such as Umbrella, Red, etc.

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முதலாம் நிலை

First Stage

Identification of Vowels and Consonants. Identification of Fruits, Vegetables, Colours, etc.

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இரண்டாம் நிலை

Second Stage

Learning to write Vowels and Consonants. Identification of Months, Days and able to speak then.

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மூன்றாம் நிலை

Third Stage

Able to Speak and Write more than 300 words. Learning of same sounding words.

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நான்காம் நிலை

Fourth Stage

Learning to write sentences on the given title. Residing of Thirukural

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ஐந்தாம் நிலை

Fifth Stage

Learning to read a story on own. Exercises for Tamil words.

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ஆறாம் நிலை

Sixth Stage

Learning Athichudi. Learning to Write a letter on own.

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ஏழாம் நிலை

Seventh Stage

Learning of Basic Grammar. Framing simple Senses for Noun and Verb

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சிறப்புத் தமிழ்

Special Tamil

Concentrating more on Tamil conversations

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சிங்கப்பூர் தமிழ்

Singapore Tamil

Learning Singapore syllabus of Tamil

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மலேசியா தமிழ்

Malaysia Tamil

Learning Malaysian syllabus of Tamil

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சமச்சீர் கல்வி


Learning Samacheer syllabus of Tamil Nadu for Tamil

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